Central California

Cross Country Advisory Committee Minutes

1by Larry Lung

Notes from the Board of Managers Meeting.

The Cross Country Advisory Proposal was the first item voted on by the Board of Managers.  Reviewing the proposal.  The Cross Country Championship’s Divisions will be based on enrollment not competitive equity.  Here are the specifics as will be stated in our bylaws.  The Central Section Championships will consists of five divisions based on enrollment (Grades 9-12):  Division V will be capped at 600.  The other four divisions (Divisions I-IV) will be divided by enrollment among all schools larger than 600.  Each division will be divided as a percentage of total school in the four divisions.  Division I - 20 percent; Division II - 25 percent; Division III -25 percent: Division IV - 30 percent. 

A school is not allowed to compete in a division lower than its enrollment dictates.

If a school wins a Section Championship at a particular level, that school must compete at or above that level the following year.

The last paragraph means the Division Champion is to defend its title even if the next year their enrollment decreases such that they could drop a division.

The proposal passed 32 to 18.  

We will know our division composition in late spring of 2024, therefore you’ll know your division before the season starts next year.  The CBEDs are used to determine your division placement. This season will be the last time we will be using the competitive equity model for cross country.  

Many changes next year with the change in divisions and the change in next years starting date for cross country.  We will be having an advisory meeting sometime in December after the State Championships.

I’ll keep in contact soon. 

Larry Lung

Girl’s Cross Country Chair