Sweepstakes:    Individual medals to the top 25 runners

                            Team Trophies to top 3 teams

Open:                Individual medals to the top 10 runners

                            Team Trophy to the top team.

Division Definitions

Sweepstakes - Top ranked  boys teams and top ranked girls teams

Open - The remaining boys teams and girls teams not in the Sweepstakes division

(It is possible for a school to have the boy’s program in the Sweepstakes and the girl’s program in the Open Division.  The ratio of Sweepstakes teams to Open teams is 2:3. Example 20 teams would be 8 teams in Sweepstakes and 12 in Open.)

Varsity - Top 7 seven runners

Junior Varsity Girls - A runner that is not a top seven runner. This is not a Junior Division nor a Frosh/Soph Division.  If a team does not field a seven man varsity team, a runner may run in this division if their PR for 5000m is slower that 28:50 or 2 mile slower than 17:50.

Junior Varsity Boys - A runner is not a top seven runner in either the Varsity Boys or Frosh/Soph boys.  If a school does not field a Varsity team, then no Junior nor Senior my run in the race.  If a school does not field a Frosh/Soph team then no Sophomore nor Freshman may run in this race.  If a Junior or Senior is slower than 19:35 for the 5000 (12:10.2 2 miles) in the Sweepstakes or 22:00 (13:30 for 2 mile) in the Open, they may run the JV race.

Pre-meet Information