This Week’s Practice Schedule

Week of  September 26- October 3

Sunday 90˚ Run on your own.  Run how you feel.  

Monday  84˚ Workout  at 3:45.  Meet at Stadium.  Practice should end about 5:30.  We’ll running repeat loops on levee near McAuliff.  Varsity will be running 4 with 3 minutes rest between.  3 slow + 1 fast.  The distance of the loop is 0.87 miles.  Warmup depends of group but generally speaking group 1 super long, group 2 long, group 3 short warmup.

After done cool down same as warmup + barefoot running on grass.  Hard workout

Tuesday 75˚  Workout at 3:45.  Meet at Stadium.  Long Distance today.  Top group will be doing Little Mexico with the rest doing either Mill Creek or Big Square.  Varsity should be done about 5:20 with JV’s around 5:00.  Those that missed Monday’s workout will do that workout instead of Little Mexico.

Wednesday 79˚  Workout at 3:45.  Meet at Stadium.  We will be doing Kenyan Fartleks at Mill Creek Park.  First time we’re doing this workout this year.  This is a two count fartlets where you will be grouped up and we will be running normal distance speed then pick up to Tempo Pace and keep repeating with no rest.  Each group will be given different goals for that day. Barefoot running after cooldown.  Practice should end about 5:15

Thursday 88˚  Workout at 3:45.  Meet at Stadium.  We will be doing "Beat Your Time Run"  This is a distance run where you will be given a time to beat.  If you beat your time you earn 15 soda points.  We will not be doing the same course as in the past since Cutler Park is closed to the public.    We will unfortunately need to use the Levee Loop again.  Your distance will be fairly long.  Since there are no natural breaks, practice should end about 5:00.

Friday 91˚  Homecoming and I’ll be marking the course.  Workout will be check in to get handout for Saturday’s race.  Checking in will count as a workout.  Some of you may want to run the course on your own except the finish is in the stadium and there will be a JV football game going on.  

Saturday 93˚  Golden West Invitational.  Explore this website and you’ll see the time schedule.  What schools are coming.  Etc..

Sunday 93˚.  Run on your own.  Not far.  Have you ever noticed how many of our runners are stiff on Monday before practice and when you quiz them you find that they didn’t do any activity on Sunday.  This should tell you that maybe I should do a short run.  That should also apply to Friday for Saturdays Race.

Comment.  With the smoke and wild fires, we we be having to adjust what

we can do each day if the wind blows the smoke into the Valley.  Looking at the weather, the most likely smoky day will be Thursday.  Because of the fires, I’ll be constantly checking the air and the smoke.  If it suddenly gets unhealthy, I’ll notify you and your parents via Remind.  I will stop practice if the smoke makes the air unhealthy.  With my history of asthma I’m sensitive to bad air and will protect my athletes.  My philosophy is that the healthiest runner wins the race, and therefore I will not risk any conditions that is unhealthy to our athletes.